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Welcome 2U2

Dialup Accelerator
Time to step on the GAS

$2 /mo

1st month FREE

vely for your NLA Internet Dialup Account with Nationwide Access Numbers

-up to 5 times faster

-You can even adjust the speed level

When you need extra speed...

...You need NLA's Dialup Accelerator

    Advanced Connection Features
    Allows you to specify a Server Host, Port, and Local Listening Port
    Enable / Disable E-Mail Compression (off by default)
    AutoUpdate feature - NetLine America's 1Dial Web Accelerator will tell you when a new version is available
    Proxy Exclusion - Allows you to specify sites that NetLine America's 1Dial Web Accelerator will not accelerate

    User Statistics - Summary
    Shows Totals for Original Data Size, Actual Data Size, and Savings Ratio
    User Statistics - Detailed
    Text Acceleration (text, html, xml, javascript, css)
    Graphics Acceleration (.gif, .jpg and Macromedia Flash Files)
    Your Upstream (data going out)
    Supported Operating Systems
    All Windows Desktop Systems - 95, 98, Millenium, NT, 2000, XP
    This Client is not currently compatible with Mac or Linux


1st Before You Begin!!
Call NetLine America at   478-274-0024  to activate your Dialup Accelerator.

Step 1.
Make sure you have called to activate as shown above. Once activated, click the setup link below to download the Accelerator Setup.exe file.

Click Here To Download Setup File

Click here for Mac Version

Step 2.
Choose to SAVE the file

Choose to SAVE to your Desktop


Step 3.
Once download is complete click Run


Step 4.
If you get an "
Unknown Publisher Warning". Just know that the Publisher is Slipstream and Click Run.

Step 5.
1Dial Web Accelerator. Click "Next"

Step 6.
Acknowledge License Agreement. Click "Next"

Step 7.
Go with default destination for install folder. Click "Next"

Step 8.
Click "Finished"

Step 9.
Click OK to restart.

Step 10.
After System Restarts, enter your NetLine America username and password in the box that appears for your NetLine America 1Dial Web Accelerator Client. Remember to use your entire username ie.

Your DONE!!!
Begin enjoying your increased speed. You can also tweak your settings to adjust the speed and quality of images downloaded.

Remember your first month is free. After that your account will be charged an additional $2.00/mo.

Thank You!
NetLine America

**NetLine America Web Accelerator accelerates most web page text/html and graphics when compared to standard Dial-Up Internet Services. Actual results may vary. Some web pages, such as secure or encrypted web pages, will not be accelerated. NetLine AmericaWeb Accelerator is not a broadband service and therefore actual data transmission rates are not faster than standard Dial-Up Internet Services. Transmission of files, without limitation to the following, will not or can not be accelerated: MP3s and other Music Files (.wma, .wav, etc.), Executable Files and Encrypted Files. NetLine America Web Accelerator may not be compatible with proxy based software or services such as content filters or firewalls.
A Client is Currently Only Available for Windows and Mac.

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