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Webs-a-gogo, NetLine America's web division
a division of NetLine America
NLA Web Features
Push to talk web call service from Webs-a-gogo!

At NetLine America we understand the importance of offering a wide array of services to maximize your web presense. That's why we have created webs-a-gogo! Soon to be!

Specifically for the purposes of providing the web related services our customers need. And, those needs will vary from one client to another in terms of features and interactivity. So with
webs-a-gogo, we have set up a whole division just for the purpose of meeting those demands.  Still the same ideals that made NetLine America so successful, it's just that now we have given a name for our dedication to our web customers. That name is webs-a-gogo. We are finding more and more that our customers are wanting a higher level of performance from their site. Whether it be animation, special effects, sound or other cool ways to present the information. This comes as no great surprise with the explosive growth of the internet as a tool for commerce and information.

Below is a listing of some of the web services offered by webs-a-gogo. Some services have many variations which can be applied depending on the needs and desires of our client. This is particularly true with code writing. Javascript, ASP, HTML, DHTML, Flash and VB Script are all programming languages we use to make a web presentation. Depending on the desired outcome we will employ one or more of these languages in combination with one another to achieve the desired result. It is with these tools we design websites. Pictures or images, together with graphics and text complete the effect.

Some items below are linked to websites where we have
incorporated these features.
We encourage you to browse around a while. Take your time to develop ideas which you may want to use on your site. At webs-a-gogo and NetLine America we have a saying,
"if you can imagine it, there's got to be some way to do it".

We think if you are going to have a website, then you should have the stuff available that you need to make it the way you want and need it. So we have and provide all the tools and options necessary to create or upgrade a website. Whether it is for personal or business purposes, we can help you make your website full of rich useful content that not only impresses but actually helps your public by working well. Providing information and simplistic function is every bit as important as image and entertainment qualities. Whatever your needs are, you can get what you imagine at
NetLine America
Check out some of these features our website and hosting services offer.

NLA Web Features

NEW!! Our Webs-a-gogo Self Edit Module. No special software required. Just us eyour Internet Explorer, Forefox or other favorite Internet Browser. We can create you a custom design for the look and feel of your website then plug in our WAG module and you are ready to go. Call for more info.
478-274-0024. Ask for David Taylor
Database with ASP access
Password Protection
Imail© email system
VirusNet Email Scanning - in & out
Web Based & POP Email
SpamDam© - Spam & Obscienity Filter
FrontPage© Extensions
Online Commerce/ Shopping Cart
Active Server Pages (ASP) support
Site Statistics/Management Tools
Contribute© Support
Image Library
VB Scripting
List Server
Hit Counters
Animated Graphics
Custom DHTML, Javascript Navigation
Site Search Engine
Online Forms w/wo Database
Search Engine Meta Tags
Web Banners & Rotation
Free Software Downloads
Subscribe/Unsubscribe Function
Specialty Effect Features

For more information call or send email to:

For more information call or send email to:

For information on rates for services visit our webrates
Clients: To take a look at some of our customers visit webclients

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